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Now is the time for EU-wide whistleblower protection

Start date
June 2017

Whitsleblowers like Antoine DeltourZuzana Hlávková  and Andrea Franzoso have all faced great personal and professional ramifications by exposing corruption and wrong doing in the public interest. While some EU countries have certain levels of whistleblower protections, many do not and the kind of problems that whistleblowers expose often do not respect borders. Different legal protections and the globalised nature of our countries means we need an EU-wide level of protection for whistleblowers, so that ordinary individuals who wish to expose the truth feel safe, secure and free to come forward. 

We are advocating for the European Commission to come forward for a proposal for an EU directive on whistleblower protection.

Raphaël Halet, Edouard Perrin and Antoine Deltour, the LuxLeaks whistleblowers appear outside court in Luxembourg 2017. Photo by Sophie Rauszer


Recent News


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Transparency International and its EU chapters have submitted our recommendations to the European Commission’s public consultation on whistleblower protection.

Transparency International amendment submission to the Legal Affairs Committee

Transparency International EU Office submission to the consultation on the Ombudsman’s draft internal rules on whistle-blowing

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