Nicholas Aiossa
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Nicholas Aiossa

Head of Advocacy - EU Political Integrity

Nick has been with the Transparency International EU office since 2014. For the last three years he has focused on advocating for a dedicated EU whistleblower directive and for increased protections for EU staff. He has also worked on a variety of issues including EU fiscal accountability and the misuse of EU funds, including the European Parliament MEP allowance regime and political group finances. Prior to working at Transparency International EU, he worked for over six years in the European Parliament on a range of topics, including human rights and transatlantic relations. Nick has a master’s degree in International Relations and an undergraduate degree in History.

Nicholas's Projects

European Union Integrity Study 2.0

An update to our 2014 study on the transparency, integrity and accountability of the main EU institutions

Open Budgets

Providing tools for policy-makers, citizens, NGOs, and journalists to increase EU budget transparency and accountability.

Recent News


ECJ rules against MEP expenses transparency

Today, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the European Parliament is not required to provide access to documents on how MEPs spend their various allowances, which was requested by a consortium of investigative journalists from the...

Parliament squanders chance to reform MEP allowance

Last night the European Parliament’s Bureau voted down proposals to introduce basic financial accountability mechanisms to MEPs’ General Expenditure Allowance (GEA). The GEA is meant for office and representation expenses related to...