Why Juncker’s ethics reforms deserve a B+

It’s September and back to school for the European Commission, which has come out with some very welcome changes to how the ethics around the institution are governed. After former President Barroso’s move to Goldman Sachs,...

Booklaunch: Unmasked Corruption in the West

In a new book “Unmasked: corruption in the West” Laurence Cockroft, co-founder of Transparency International, and Anne-Christine Wegener, an anti-corruption analyst, challenge preconceptions by exploring how political finance, lobbying, the...

How can the EU stop another Azerbaijani laundromat scheme?

Corrupt cash, Scottish shell companies, Scandinavian banks, and bribery in Strasbourg. The latest Laundromat revelations that the Azerbaijani government has been involved in a massive corruption scheme is hardly a shock after so many pan-European...
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Volkswagen fraud must lead to EU blacklisting

Reports that German car-maker Volkswagen fraudulently secured €400 million in loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) should trigger immediate inclusion on an official EU blacklist, according to Transparency International EU. The reports...

Keynesians ready to take on Brussels

Keynesians ready to take on Brussels: last month saw the end of the College of Europe’s academic year, with the Transparency Group closing conference and the Transparency International thesis prize awarded for the best anti-corruption theses: