TI EU policy position: Defence of Democracy Package

In December 2023, the European Commission unveiled a ‘Defence of Democracy’ Package, ostensibly to defend the EU against threats to its democracy. Yet, as part of this package, the EU is proposing a Directive that risks undermining this...

Briefing: lobby transparency in the EU

Download the full briefing here. Lobbying is part of any healthy democracy: it allows policymakers to gather expertise from a variety of stakeholders and take informed decisions. But if unregulated, lobbying can have dire consequences: legislation...

Joint Civil Society Letter on EU Ethics Body Negotiations

The following letter was signed by Transparency International EU and the undersigned organisations. It can be accessed as a PDF file here. 24 January 2024  Dear Vice-President Jourová,   Dear Vice-President Barley,   Dear Chair Mr De Meo,  ...