Our accountability

Transparency International EU is an international non-profit organisation, registered as independent under Belgian law (“aisbl”), with the full name “Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union”. 

We are part of the global movement of Transparency International with more than 100 national chapters worldwide and we are closely associated with the Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) based in Berlin. 

We are non-partisan and do not take institutional positions. We alone determine our programmes and activities – no donor has any input into our policies. 

In our daily work, we engage with officials and politicians from the European institutions and a range of other stakeholders in Brussels, sharing our vision and trying to influence decisions made at EU level. We are therefore registered in the EU Transparency Register (N° 501222919-71), the register of interest groups and lobbying organisations for the EU Parliament and the EU Commission

Our governance 

The work of the Office is overseen by a General Assembly which determines the overall priorities and approves budgets and annual accounts. 

The General Assembly appoints an Executive Board which, according to our statutes, is responsible for the management of the office. The Board has the authority to appoint the Director and supervises his/her work. Staffing and day-to-day organisational management is the responsibility of the TI EU Director. 

The Executive Board is comprised of six persons, currently:

  • Robin Hodess, Interim Internal Managing Director, Transparency International Secretariat (President). Register of Interest
  • Casey Kelso, Advocacy Director, Transparency International Secretariat (Vice-President). Register of Interest.
  • Patrick Mahassen, Resources Director, Transparency International Secretariat (Vice-President). Register of Interest
  • Iverna McGowan Smyth, Head of European Institutions Office and Advocacy Director, Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office.
  • Geneviève Pons-Deladrière, Director, WWF European Policy Office. Register of Interest.
  • Monika Ebert, Finance Director, Transparency International Secretariat. Register of Interest

TI EU benefits from the general advisory support of:

  • Dieter Frisch, Senior Advisor European Affairs and Member of TI EU Advisory Board; Former Director General for Development at the European Commission
  • Yves Moiny, Deputy General Prosecutor, Belgian Ministry of Justice


Each staff member and volunteer of Transparency International EU adheres to our Code of Conduct. 

Transparency International EU follows the Transparency International Conflict of Interest Policy.