Transparency International EU advocates for strong transparency measures within EU policy, as well as greater transparency in decision-making at the EU level. Here are some of our projects.

Corporate Tax Tracker

An online platform to examine publicly available key financial data of the 20 largest European banks

European Union Integrity Study 2.0

An update to our 2014 study on the transparency, integrity and accountability of the main EU institutions

Asset Recovery

Enhancing EU role in responsible asset recovery

Golden Visas

Phasing out of risky schemes and introducing minimum EU standards for future schemes

Role of Intermediaries in the Fight Against Money Laundering

Engaging with the Accountancy and Real Estate Sectors

Extractive Industries Transparency

Fighting corruption in the oil, gas & mining sectors

Anti-Corruption Advocacy for Sustainable Development

At the heart of most global challenges lies one problem: corruption. Poverty, climate change, hunger, inequality and conflict are all fueled to varying degrees by corruption.

Eurozone Economic Governance

Deepening the EU’s economic governance with transparency and democratic accountability in mind

Enhancing beneficial ownership transparency

Assessing how transparent is beneficial ownership in the EU

Integrity Pacts

Improving trust and transparency in public procurement

Overfishing in the Darkness

Investigating EU Member States’ positions on transparency of the EU Council negotiations in the AGRIFISH Council

College of Europe Transparency Group

Partnering with Europe's young and bright to focus on the EU's democratic legitimacy

Tax Transparency

It's time for fiscal transparency and corporate accountability

Open Budgets

Providing tools for policy-makers, citizens, NGOs, and journalists to increase EU budget transparency and accountability.

National Integrity Systems in the Western Balkans and Turkey

Fighting Corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey

Integrity Watch

Online tools allowing the public to monitor EU lobbying and outside activities of member of the European Parliament.

EU Forest Governance

Fighting corruption in forestry and the logging industry