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Open Budgets

Providing tools for policy-makers, citizens, NGOs, and journalists to increase EU budget transparency and accountability.

Start date
July 2015

Openness and transparency can act as a disincentive to corruption in public spending. The current lack of open budget and expenditure data makes it impossible for citizens to get a comprehensive overview on how EU funds are being spent.

OpenBudgets.eu aims to bring more transparency and accountability to EU budgets and public spending by providing a one-stop-shop platform for EU budget and spending data. In cooperation with EU policy makers we will not only increase the transparency of the EU budget but also ensure that data is available in an open format. This will allow citizens, civil society organisations, journalists and policy makers to scrutinise budget allocations and expenditure to reduce the possibility of corruption.


Recent News


Parliament squanders chance to reform MEP allowance

Last night the European Parliament’s Bureau voted down proposals to introduce basic financial accountability mechanisms to MEPs’ General Expenditure Allowance (GEA). The GEA is meant for office and representation expenses related to...

Trying to predict MEP allowance reform

MEP’s continue to confound our expectations when it comes to transparency and accountability of their expenses.  They receive a number of allowances to cover for the expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. The General Expenditure...

Fraud and boats: funding European political parties

The reform of the funding of European Political Parties and Foundations preserves major loopholes in the current rules. Real-time public disclosure requirement for donations, loans, in-kind contributions and sponsorships is the best way of making...






The project is run by a consortium of civil society organisations, including the Fraunhofer Institute, Open Knowledge Deutschland, Open Knowledge Foundation and Journalism++

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