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Asset Recovery

Enhancing EU role in responsible asset recovery

Start date
February 2018

While new rules to strengthen EU anti-money laundering standards have just been agreed on, the EU also holds a responsibility to take action in the subsequent stages of the corruption life cycle, i.e. the freezing, confiscation and responsible repatriation of stolen assets.

Transparency International EU is supporting these efforts by exploring possible avenues for an enhanced EU role in responsible asset recovery looking at specific country cases starting with the case of Uzbekistan. This project is particularly timely in light of recent developments on the case including the recent settlement reached between US authorities and TeliaSonera in September 2017 and current EU policy developments.

The project will involve research and advocacy activities both at EU level led by Transparency International EU and national level in relevant Member States together with Transparency International chapters in Belgium, Ireland and Netherlands

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Laure Brillaud

Senior Policy Officer – Anti-Money Laundering