Tusk nudges the Council towards voting transparency*

Donald Tusk has made a rare move: the position of a Member State on a specific decision was made public – something that is far from being the norm. Tusk used his position to hold Hungary to account, simultaneously defending the integrity of the...

Keep your head. Lobby responsibly.

Responsible lobbying is in the interests of society at large, as well as the lobbyist themselves. Regulation can help ensure this, but more important is the buy-in of those who lobby. Here are some pointers to help companies limit the risk of...

Overfishing in the Darkness

Download Report This publication explores the link between continued overfishing of EU waters and the lack of transparency in the Council. It argues that greater transparency in the Council’s decision-making process could help to end...
Press Release

New EU lobbying rules are timid and cosmetic

Today, the European Commission published its proposal to revise the EU Transparency Register to make the register mandatory. However, the proposal fails to achieve these aims and is a missed opportunity to increase lobbying transparency.

Bahamas Leaks: What Neelie did next

Another day, another leak. Another kick to the rotting, crumbling edifice of the offshore world. BahamaLeaks, the latest scoop from the ICIJ, may not have the global repercussions of its big brother, the Panama Papers, but it does herald some good...

How many lobbyists are there in Brussels?

It is usually one of the first questions that people have about lobbying in Brussels. How many lobbyists are there actually? How much money do they spend? And what exactly are they working on? It is also one of those questions that is still...