Eurozone watchdog network launched

On 5 December 2017, Transparency International EU launched the Eurozone watchdog network with 18 partner organisations. We launched this network one day ahead of the Commission’s formal proposals to reform Eurozone governance. This is an open...

New Eurogroup President faces long to do list

Monday, the Eurogroup will choose a new President among the shortlisted candidates from Portugal, Luxembourg, Latvia and Slovakia. Whoever is chosen will face the daunting task of reconnecting the Eurogroup with the citizens it serves.

Eurozone studies

EU economic governance was integrated in the midst of the euro crisis. To assess how well the new structures and institutions perform in terms of transparency, democratic accountability, integrity and anti-corruption, we made in-depths studies of...

Two sides of the same coin?

Independence and accountability of the European Central Bank Download the report here.    Our in-depth study looks into the balance between the ECB’s expanded mandate, its unrivaled independence, and its democratic accountability. It...