#PanamaPapers: Hackathon

Hackers, investigative journalists, activists and open data fans: We need you! The Panama Papers leak on April 3rd was the largest data dump in history, revealing some of the dodgy deals and corrupt practices of rich and the powerful.

Understanding Integrity Pacts

Integrity Pacts are an agreement between public authorities, companies bidding for a contract and civil society around public works. Through transparency and monitoring Integrity Pacts improve trust and accountability in public procurement. It...

Who are the experts?

The term “expert group” evokes images of scientists in white coats with test tubes explaining complex equations to politicians in suits. The reality is quite different. Expert groups are a mix of industry lobbyists, NGOs, trade unions and other...

Why transparency is vital for the Euro to survive

The EU’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) will undergo major reform in coming years. Transparency International EU has just launched a new programme to look into the transparency and accountability of Eurozone economic governance.

Renaming the English Channel and the need for Open Budgets

All this talk of the UK referendum and Brexit is bringing back old stories about the EU peddled by the British press. We’ve all heard the stories about Brussels banning bendy bananas or curvy cucumbers. But there are many more euro-tales from the...