A year after the Panama Papers: Where does the EU stand?

A year after the Panama Papers: Where does the EU stand?” This is the question we will try to answer during a high-level panel held on the occasion of the launch of Transparency International report Behind the corporate scenes – Enhancing...

We need to talk about MEPs’ expenses

This year has seen a number of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) getting into trouble over the use of their expenses. It is time for the Parliament to put in place robust transparency rules on how MEPs spend public money.

Now is the time for EU-wide whistleblower protection

Yesterday, the European Commission published its revised proposal on the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which includes commitments to greater transparency, by giving public access to beneficial ownership information. However, public access to...

Life as a whistleblower: Antoine Deltour

In 2011, Antoine Deltour told a journalist about sweetheart deals between multinational companies and the Luxembourg authorities to lower their tax bills. This became known as LuxLeaks and Deltour became the centre of a far-reaching scandal that...