Who supports us

NGO Source Equivalency Determination on File

Transparency International EU is an independent non-profit organisation supported by a number of public and private donors. Our funding can be unrestricted or tied to specific projects or programmes.

It is our policy to accept funding – whether monetary or in kind – from any donor, provided that acceptance does not impair our independence to pursue our mission or endanger our integrity and reputation. All potential sources and terms of support undergo a careful internal review to ensure TI EU’s absolute institutional integrity and independence.

Transparency International EU’s 2023 budget is around 1.07 mln euros. Our work is currently supported by the following grants:

    • Transparency International Secretariat (100,000 EUR for core support in 2023)
    • Adessium Foundation (495,000 EUR for core support in 2023-2025)
    • Sigrid Rausing Charitable Trust (450,000 GBP for core support in 2021-2024)
    • Open Society Foundations (100,000 USD for the work on rule of law 2022-2023 // 150,000 USD for asset recovery in 2022-2023 // 250,000 USD for AML work in 2023-2024 // 30,000 USD for the work on SLAPPs in 2022-2023 // 100,000 USD for the work on rule of law 2023-2024)
    • Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs (118,400 EUR for the roll out of Integrity Watch tool in the EU in 2022-2023)
    • King Baudouin Foundation (70,000 EUR for political integrity work in 2023-2024)
    • Civitates(30,000 EUR for transparent online political advertising work in 2022-2023 // 30,000 EUR for Ukrainian reconstruction 2022-2023)
    • Waverly Street Foundation (80,000 USD for climate work in 2023)
    • Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer (12,000 EUR for SLAPPs work in 2023-2024)
    • Global Anti-Corruption Consortium (100,000 USD for anti-corruption work in 2023-2024)

Transparency International EU is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program distributes free in-kind advertising to registered nonprofit organisations.

More information on our funding and financial basis can be found in our annual financial reports and audits below:

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