Welcome to the new EU Integrity Watch

Raphaël Kergueno
8 April, 2019

EU Integrity Watch received a major update this week. Since 2014, the platform has allowed citizens to search, rank and filter the information on lobbying activities and conflicts of interest in Brussels. In the last 5 years, EU Integrity Watch formed the basis of our studies on the influence of money in Brussels-based politics such as the meteoric rise of Silicon Valley companies or this full overview of MEP’s outside activities.

Our new enhanced version will further increase transparency, integrity and equality of access to EU decision-making with the following key improvements:

  • A new modern visual overhaul
  • Faster loading times and more responsive graphs
  • Mobile-friendly version

EU lobbying in figures

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EU Integrity Watch is a central hub of online tools that allow citizens, journalists and civil society to monitor the integrity of decisions made by politicians in the EU

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