Call for consultancy: Asset recovery event and communications strategy

Jennifer Boizumault
18 February, 2022


Title: Consultant for the development of a short-term Asset Recovery communications strategy and promotion of an online event 

Application Closing Date: 4 March 2022 

Start and End Date: 9 March – 31 March 2022 

Location: Brussels  


TI EU is part of the global anti-corruption movement, Transparency International (TI), which includes over 100 chapters around the world. We function as a regional liaison office, working closely with the TI Secretariat in Berlin. Our mission is to prevent corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in EU institutions and legislation. We lead the movement’s EU advocacy, in close cooperation with our 22 EU national chapters and other chapters worldwide. In our daily work, we engage with officials and politicians from the European institutions and other stakeholders in Brussels, sharing our vision to influence decisions made at EU level. 

What do we mean by asset recovery?  

If you have a pot of money of dubious origin, Europe can seem like a good place to try to launder and hide it. According to EUROPOL estimates, just 2.2% of the proceeds of crime are frozen, an even tinier 1.1% is confiscated, and even less is returned to victim populations. Asset recovery is a key step in making sure that crimes do not pay. The European Union is often a haven for criminals to hide their wealth in banks, real estate, or in luxurious assets. The European Union needs to make sure that assets originating from criminal activities are confiscated and in case it originates from a country outside the EU, the people of the country of origin will benefit from the confiscated assets. That needs to be an open, transparent, and fair process, and the needs of victims need to be addressed. Despite positive legislative change, however, there are still legislative gaps that make it difficult to recover stolen assets without a prior request from the victim state, or a conviction of the perpetrator in that jurisdiction. 

TI EU has been following the developments of policy on asset recovery since 2017 when we published our key recommendations in a final report entitled “Into the Void: the EU’s struggle to recover the proceeds of grand corruption”.  TI EU also published a technical policy brief that was later turned into a comprehensive report aimed at a non-expert audience released in December 2020. The current project we are working on is the second and third phase of our project financed by OSF.  

The European Commission is expected to present a draft asset recovery directive in June 2022, revising the existing 2014 directive, as well as a new proposal for the establishment of Asset Recovery Offices in each member state. Our aim is to make sure that our key recommendations on asset recovery are taken into account ahead of the presentation of the draft legislative proposals, and to bring our position to the attention of the co-legislators and other stakeholders.  


TI EU is seeking a consultant for the drafting and design of a short-term (approx March – June) communications strategy around the topic of asset recovery. The core project related outcomes are foreseen:  

  1. Draft and design a top-level, short-term communications strategy around the topic of asset recovery, help us to identify keys dates for communications a devise narratives and key actions for the future of the project 
  2. Assist in the promotion of an online event on 29 March by delivering branding, graphics and social media content for advertisement 
  3. Deliver a media training to the Policy Officer in charge of this topic


Applicants are expected to provide solutions for both promoting an online event and a longer-term communications strategy.  

Below an indicative timeline and expected deliverables for the performance of the contract:   

Mid-March 2022 

  • Develop event branding for the online webinar 
  • Create advertisement graphics (specifications will be provided) 
  • Deliver event dissemination strategy including social media posts and content calendar

By end-March 2022 

  • Develop longer-term communications strategy for the project which should: 
  • Identify key policy dates and suggest communications actions around them.  
  • Develop narrative / messaging for a Brussels / EU policy audience 
  • Deliver editable visuals (Canva format) that can be adapted and used in later stages of the project
  • Identify key media outlets/journalists who are interested in the topic 
  • Deliver a 1-1 media and interview training to the TI EU policy officer in charge of this topic


The Consultant should have the following qualifications: 

  • Proven track record in communication strategy development   
  • Relevant experience in developing innovative communications materials  
  • Fluent oral and written English communication skills essential 
  • Knowledge of EU institutions and policy communication


The Consultant should provide their estimated total fee for the performance of this contract as a lump sum including VAT. The quote should not exceed 10,000 Euros total. 


The application should include the following documents in English: 

  • Business proposal with quotes 
  • Curriculum Vitae of personnel involved 
  • One sample of relevant previous comms strategy developed

Please indicate “Asset Recovery Consultancy” in the subject line of your email application. Applications should be sent in English by email to Jennifer Boizumault at  by 18h00 CET of 4 March 2022.  

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 

Guidelines for handling overheads 

Regular overhead expenses associated with the Consultants maintaining their place of business, such as rent, telephone, utilities, or stationery, are included in the Consultant’s professional fee. 


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