A victory for citizens – Barroso revolving door case referred to ethics committee

Daniel Freund
12 September, 2016
Press Release

Transparency International EU welcomes the decision by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to refer Jose Manuel Barroso’s move through the revolving door to Goldman Sachs to the Commission’s ad hoc ethical committee. Following the EU Ombudsman’s letter to Juncker concerning the appointment, the ad hoc ethical committee will determine whether the former President’s actions constitute a breach of ex-Commissioners’ duties to behave with discretion and integrity after leaving their posts.

This first step is a small victory for the thousands of EU citizens – many of them Commission employees – who petitioned President Juncker to act,” said Carl Dolan, Director of Transparency International EU.

Transparency International EU calls on President Juncker to convene the committee at the earliest possible moment and for their deliberations to be concluded within the next month.

This is a big credibility test for the ethics committee that President Juncker appointed”, said Dolan. “In a case that will have a huge impact on the Commission’s integrity and reputation, the process needs to be swift and transparent. It’s imperative that the committee’s minutes, recommendations and the reasoning behind them are published as soon as possible,” he concluded.

Transparency International EU also commend the decision that Mr Barroso’s future dealings with the Commission will be treated according to the same rules that apply to any other lobbyist. Transparency International EU also urges that  Commission officials refrain from meeting with Mr Barroso while the ad hoc ethical committee is deliberating.

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Daniel Freund

Head of Advocacy EU Integrity (on leave)