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Transparency International’s submission to the European Commission’s consultation on whistleblower protection

15 May, 2017
Policy Position

From Antoine Deltour to Zuzana Hlavkova, stories of ordinary people who want to expose corruption and wrong-doing are hitting the headlines time and time again. But these brave individuals are risking their careers and even legal action just for doing the right thing. That is why we urgently need whistleblower protection. 

The European Commission is currently running a public consultation into the need for EU-wide whistleblower protection. We at Transparency International have just submitted our views to the Commission’s call, which you can find below. 

If you would like to contribute to the public consultation click here, open until May 29. 

To sign the petition for EU-wide whistleblower protection click here.


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Whistleblowers like Antoine Deltour, Zuzana Hlávková  and Andrea Franzoso have all faced great personal and professional ramifications by exposing corruption and wrong doing in the public interest. Whistleblower protection legislation remains...


Transparency International’s submission to the European Commission’s consultation whistleblower protection

Transparency International and its EU chapters have submitted our recommendations to the European Commission’s public consultation on whistleblower protection.


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