Has the EU done all it can to help Ukraine?

Roland Papp
6 July, 2022

After Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Transparency International EU published a document highlighting 12 immediate steps the EU could take immediately to help the beleaguered nation.  

Four months on, the war rages on, cities have been razed to the ground and millions have been forced to flee their homes. As the death toll of the war continues to rise, and evidence of alleged war crimes by Russia continues to emerge, the Russian war machine shows no sign of stopping. This begs the question: has the EU done all it can to help Ukraine?  

In the last four months, the EU adopted no less than 6 sanctions packages aimed at hurting Putin and his allies and curbing their ability to wage their illegal war. In this follow-up document we present an analysis of what the bloc has done from an anti-corruption perspective, and to what extent the EU institutions heeded our recommendations on stopping the flow of Russian money and preventing Russian undue influence in the EU. As this analysis shows, while the EU has enacted pressure on the Russian regime, a much tighter crackdown on Putin and his allies is needed to bring an end to this unjustified and illegal war. 

Download the full pdf here.