Call for Tenders: organisation of final event (Integrity Watch 3.0 project)

Raphaël Kergueno
3 July, 2023
Call for proposal

Title: Consultant for the organisation of Integrity Watch 3.0 project final event 

Application Closing Date:  23 July 2023 

Start and End Date: 3 August 2023 – 1 December 2023 

Location: Brussels  


Transparency International EU (TI EU) is part of the global anti-corruption movement, Transparency International (TI), which includes over 100 chapters around the world. We function as a regional liaison office, working closely with the TI Secretariat in Berlin. Our mission is to prevent corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in EU institutions and legislation. We lead the movement’s EU advocacy, in close cooperation with our 22 EU national chapters and other chapters worldwide. In our daily work, we engage with officials and politicians from the European institutions and other stakeholders in Brussels, sharing our vision to influence decisions made at EU level. 

The Integrity Watch 3.0 project, funded by the European Commission Security and Police Fund, was launched in 2021 to prevent political corruption through the deployment of dedicated web-based data-visualisation platforms in 16 EU Member States and two EU institutions. The resulting Integrity Watch ecosystem of online platforms seeks to empower citizens, journalists, academia and national authorities to directly monitor public institutions and engage in the fight against political corruption. With nearly 100k users across the Union, the Integrity Watch 3.0 project creates the single largest European database in political integrity, covering data on in the field of lobbying, political finance, public procurement and the management of conflicts of interest.  

TI EU is seeking a consultant for the organisation of the final one-day event of the Integrity Watch 3.0 project. The final conference will mark the end of the project and will provide the opportunity for key stakeholders such as national experts, EU officials and project partners to share field experiences, lessons learned, successes, and challenges encountered. Three core project related outcomes are foreseen:  

  • Showcase the Integrity Watch online platforms developed throughout the project.  
  • Enhance knowledge of political integrity issues as means to combat corruption and improve citizen’s trust in public decision making.   
  • Explore the future of the use of data to enhance integrity systems across the Union.  

This tender is funded through the European Internal Security and Police Fund. All external communications materials must abide by the European visual guidelines for EU-funded projects.  


  1. Design, plan and manage a full day, in person event, split into two sessions: 
  2. The morning session will be an internal meeting of approximately 40 participants.  The consultant would be responsible for booking the venue and catering for this portion of the event (coffee break and lunch). 
  3. The afternoon session will be an external event of roughly 3 hours, including an opening speaker, two panel discussions, coffee break, a closing speaker, and a reception following the event, if budget allows.  This would be a public event of approximately 80 attendees.  Most deliverables would pertain to this portion of the event.
  4. Develop communications materials and dissemination strategy on all available channels, including dedicated event website for the public event. 


Applicants are expected to provide innovative communications to raise awareness of the Integrity Watch 3.0 project. Below are an indicative timeline and expected deliverables for the performance of the contract:   

September 2023 

  • Event’s logistical concept note and planning. 
  • Distribution of invitations to speakers (high-level keynote speakers will be handled internally by TI EU).    
  • Development of communications materials, including promotional video, social media messaging and dissemination strategy. 
  • Selection and booking of in-person venue in Brussels.  

October 2023  

  • Launch of an online registration form  
  • Dissemination of communications materials on all available channels 
  • Dissemination of invitations to target audience (list to be provided by TI EU). 
  • Selection and booking of catering.  

November 2023  

  • Organisation of pre-event briefings with speakers.  
  • Event to occur on 28th or 29th November.  
  • On-site logistical management on the day of event 
  • Post event report, accompanied by relevant documentation (attendees’ number, speakers’ interventions etc.).


The Consultant should have the following qualifications: 

  1. Proven track record in organising high-level events.  
  2. Relevant experience in developing innovative communications materials. 
  3. Fluent oral and written English communication skills essential.  
  4. Knowledge of EU institutions and EU regional policy desirable.  


The Consultant should provide their estimated total fee for the performance of this contract as a lump sum including VAT. 


All objectives related to the Integrity Watch 3.0 final event must be completed in the first week of December 2023. The actual date on which the event will take place will be communicated at the start of the contract in August 2023.  


 The application should include the following documents in English: 

  • Business proposal with quotes. 
  • Curriculum Vitae of personnel involved. 
  • One sample of relevant previous event organised. 

Please indicate “Integrity Watch 3.0” in the subject line of your email application. Applications should be sent in English by email to Jennifer Boizumault at  by midnight on 23 July 2023.  

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 

Guidelines for handling overhead  

Regular overhead expenses associated with the Consultants maintaining their place of business, such as rent, telephone, utilities or stationery, are included in the Consultant’s professional fee. 


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