Raphaël Kergueno

Policy Officer - EU Integrity

Raphaël is part the EU integrity team, working on projects related to lobbying, conflict of interests and legislative transparency. He is also tasked with managing EU Integrity Watch and developing national versions of the online platform in partnership with our national chapters. Prior to joining Transparency International EU, Raphaël was a working at the Europe Direct Contact Centre of the European Commission and as a partnership manager at Groupon. Raphaël holds a BA in politics and international relations from the University of Kent and an MA in European Studies from Maastricht University.

Raphaël's Projects

Integrity Watch

Online tools allowing the public to monitor EU lobbying and outside activities of member of the European Parliament.

Recent News


Press release: side jobs of MEPs raise ethics concerns

Our full report is available here. Members of the European Parliament have earned a total of at least €18 million – and possibly as much as €41 million – from side jobs since they were elected in 2014, according to new research by...