Booklaunch: Unmasked Corruption in the West

Raphaël Kergueno
11 September, 2017

WHERE: Filigranes, Avenue des Arts 39, Brussels (Booklaunch & discussion)

WHEN: Tuesday 26th September 2017 from to 18.00 to 20.00

Europe and North America are often perceived as having high standards of integrity in public life, largely free from the shady bribe-taking officials and small suitcases images of corruption. But is this image true? Or is the kind of corruption which afflicts western countries just hidden further in the shadows?

In a new book “Unmasked: corruption in the West” Laurence Cockroft, co-founder of Transparency International, and Anne-Christine Wegener, an anti-corruption analyst, challenge preconceptions by exploring how political finance, lobbying, the banking system and organised crime undermines Western democracy.

The authors argue that policy outcomes in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to environmental regulation are being determined by money rather than the public interest. The intertwining of money and politics changes the narrative in the West where it is less “the corruption of brown envelopes but the corruption of influence”.

To mark the occasion of the Brussels launch of “Unmasked: corruption in the West”, we invite you to discover, in the presence of Laurence CockroftAnne-Christine Wegener and Daniel Freund from Transparency International EUhow far the West has to go to clean its own house and put an end to its “cult of secrecy”.

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Daniel Freund

Head of Advocacy EU Integrity (on leave)