Laure Brillaud

Senior Policy Officer – Anti-Money Laundering

Laure joined Transparency International EU in 2016 and leads the work on anti-money laundering. Her priority areas include beneficial ownership transparency, the role of intermediaries in AML, AML supervision, golden visa market regulations, asset recovery, etc. Prior to that, she worked at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In particular, she conducted policy analysis and outreach on corruption in the extractive sector as well as other key development issues such as global inequalities and social cohesion. Laure holds a Masters’ degree in Engineering from Mines ParisTech as well as dual Masters’ degree in International Affairs and Public Administration from Science Po Paris and Columbia University.

Laure's Projects

Asset Recovery

Enhancing EU role in responsible asset recovery

Golden Visas

Enhancing the integrity and transparency of Residence- or Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes

Role of Intermediaries in the Fight Against Money Laundering

Engaging with the Accountancy and Real Estate Sectors

Enhancing beneficial ownership transparency

Assessing how transparent is beneficial ownership in the EU

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