Transparency Intergroup introduced at the European Parliament

Paulina Pieprzyca
25 February, 2015
Press Release

After a successful collaborative effort between MEPs, TI EU and other civil society organisations, the European Parliament formally established the new intergroup on Integrity: Transparency, anti-corruption and organised crime, last December.

An intergroup is an informal group of cross-party MEPs that want to highlight and promote shared interests. Usually in close cooperation with external stakeholders, it serves as a forum where expertise can be shared and legislative work can be advanced on specific topics.

It is envisioned that the intergroup will broadly focus on a number of areas including integrity of EU institutions, EU anti-corruption and transparency legislation and EU anti-corruption monitoring. For example, issues could include the Commission’s expected proposal on a mandatory transparency register covering the Commission, Parliament and Council or the introduction of a ‘legislative footprint’ for MEPs, which would shed light on who is influencing the shaping of legislation. This was also a commitment in our MEP anti-corruption election pledge, which 182 MEPs have signed.

The approval of this intergroup on integrity is an important signal to citizens that MEPs are serious about addressing issues of transparency, accountability and integrity in the EU and we look forward to working with the intergroup on these topics.

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