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Climate Finance Integrity Programme

Keeping climate finance free from corruption

Start date
January 2011

Climate finance is a fast-growing envelope of international funding, set to reach US$100 billion a year by 2020, and an extra US$100 billion a year thereafter. Halting climate change will require large-scale investment in projects such as renewable energy and forests. The cost of adapting to climate change will also be huge: from coastal defence walls, to irrigation systems, to cyclone-proof housing, extreme and unpredictable weather patterns will require far-reaching changes to our physical environment.

Those billions of dollars that could save and improve lives. But they could also disappear through graft or negligence.

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Keeping climate finance free from corruption

Last November amid the burgundy red buildings and blues skies of Marrakech countries from all over the globe came together for the annual Conference of Parties (COP) meeting on climate change. One of the agreements to come out of the COP 22 was to...

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