Transylvanian Castles and the Curse of Corruption

Dotted among the deep green hills, fir trees and streams of Transylvania lays a string of fortified medieval Saxon churches. Beset by years of neglect and a lack of investment these beautiful historic buildings have received millions of euros in EU...

Volkswagen becomes Top 10 Lobbyist

Following the launch of the lobbying tools on EU Integrity Watch on 24 June, Transparency International now tracks all changes to the EU Transparency Register. In a first edition of what is going to be a monthly update, we have seen over 650...

Hidden in Chelsea: Stopping Corrupt Cash in Europe

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Tuesday a crackdown on “dirty money” in the British property market. This comes after years of campaigning by Transparency International UK (TI-UK). We welcome the commitment to increase the scope...