The rains of Athens: Stopping the floods

In ancient Greek mythology when Poseidon, god of the sea, lost the competition to have patronage over Athens to the wise and peaceful goddess Athena, he was furious and flooded the plains of Attica. Today, Poseidon’s fury might have abated, but...

Integrity Pacts – state of play

Through transparency and monitoring Integrity Pacts improve trust and accountability in public procurement. Here you can find details of these Integrity Pacts.

Driving out corruption in Hungary through clean contracts

From Budapest to Pécs in Hungary the M6 highway gradually weaves along the River Danube, through farms and vineyards. When the main stretch of the road was completed in 2010 one of several seemingly unnecessary tunnels, given the gently rolling...

Open data + Integrity Pacts = Clean Contracts

Transparency International EU sits down with Gabriela Nagy, the leading expert on corruption in public funds at Transparency International Hungary about their experience with fighting corruption in public procurement in Hungary.

Integrity Pact Partner Event: Agenda and Presentations

In June 2016, we hosted an event that brought together relevant partners that included managing and contracting authorities, civil society monitors, and EU Commission representatives to share experiences and discuss the next steps in this in this...

Integrity Pacts & safeguarding EU funds

At Transparency International we have developed a tool to help governments, businesses and civil society fight corruption in the field of public procurement. Integrity Pacts are an agreement between a government offering a procurement contract and...