Slovenia Ranks Highest in ESIF Data Quality Index

Today, presents the European Structural Funds Data Quality Index. Slovenia ranks highest, based on high data quality and high accessibility and usability of its portal. Denmark comes in second, they provide outstanding data quality in...

3 ways MEPs can fiddle expenses

The Westminster expenses scandal in the UK back in 2009 made headlines with journalists uncovering parliamentarians using their expenses to redecorate their home homes, evade taxes and one MP even used expenses to build a duck house. This lead to a...

We need to talk about MEPs’ expenses

This year has seen a number of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) getting into trouble over the use of their expenses. It is time for the Parliament to put in place robust transparency rules on how MEPs spend public money.

Renaming the English Channel and the need for Open Budgets

All this talk of the UK referendum and Brexit is bringing back old stories about the EU peddled by the British press. We’ve all heard the stories about Brussels banning bendy bananas or curvy cucumbers. But there are many more euro-tales from the...

What do we really know about them?

On the first anniversary of the LuxLeaks scandal, Transparency International EU launches its new animated video on corporate tax transparency “What do we know about them?” as part of its campaign in favour of EU legislation on country-by-country...

Dataharvest – Cooperation and Anti-Corruption

On May 9-10th we attended the Dataharvest conference here in Brussels, an annual conference organised by, that brought together just under 300 data coders and journalists (investigative or otherwise) and held 75 different workshops...