EVENT: EU protection for whistleblowers, the future of the new directive

Lucinda Pearson
12 April, 2019

17 April, European Parliament Strasbourg, 16:00-17:00

In the final session before the EU elections, the European Parliament will vote for a new EU Directive to protect whistleblowers in Europe. Civil society played an essential role in making this happen.

Press, politicians and civil society will gather to assess this landmark break-through in legal rights for citizens acting in the public interest, and how it will help to strengthen transparency and accountability in Europe. As the scandals revealed by whistleblowers in LuxLeaks and Panama Papers investigations continue to reverberate around Europe and the world, and new information sheds light on wrongdoing affecting our financial systems, our food, and our environment, we also take a moment to highlight the work ahead.

Our work is to turn legal rights into active protection and to advance whistleblowing disclosures to achieve lasting change in the public interest.

Chaired by Virginie Rozière, MEP – Rapporteur on whistleblower protection, Committee of Legal Affairs, European Parliament

  • Pascal Durand, MEP – Committee of Legal Affairs, European Parliament
  • Antoine Deltour, former auditor with PwC and LuxLeaks whistleblower
  • Sylvain Waserman, MP, Rapporteur on whistleblower protection, PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Council of Europe
  • Nick Aiossa, Transparency International EU
  • Martin Jefflén, Eurocadres
  • Anna Myers, Whistleblowing International Network (WIN)

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